Remediation Funding Approved for Remerge Redevelopment

Additional funding from the Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund has been granted to Remerge for its redevelopment project on Auburn Avenue. The original $50,000 grant was increased to $75,000 to remediate heavy metal impacts in shallow soil that could risk exposure to the site occupants and neighboring community. The extra $25,000 will fund permitting for the soil excavation, subcontractor fees and other contingency costs.

Located at the corner of Auburn Avenue and Old Wheat Street, the development will be home to the community-based nonprofit Remerge, which serves the Sweet Auburn community. The redevelopment will expand its current operations at 340 Auburn Ave., where it has been operating since 2018. The additional space at 597 Auburn will enable new programming within the Community Building Studio, including the Women’s Microentrepreneur Coaching Program.

Since gaining a long-term home in Sweet Auburn, Remerge has assisted more than 3,000 families and businesses. Its programs have evolved and the team has grown, increasing the need for more dedicated workspace, community meeting space and programming. This expansion will allow Remerge to shift its Community Building Studio programs and staff office space to the new facility and designate 340 Auburn as an Arts Center and a base for continued neighborhood outreach activities. 


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